Principal Toolbox Release 8.0 


The new release of Principal Toolbox 8.0 provides several improvements for Program Management. In addition, this latest version has improved support for larger organisations.

With this new functionality, Principal Toolbox offers organisations improved support for their programs and underlying projects. Release 8.0 also provides more options when dividing larger project organisations within the Principal Toolbox framework.


Program Management

In Principal Toolbox 8.0, the support of Program Management has been extended and improved in many different areas. It is now possible to create integrated program planning by using the program Gantt. This program makes it possible to start projects with deliverables and add dependencies between projects.  

Furthermore, you can now report on the status of all projects within your program with regard to costs, progress, resources and risks. Programs can now also be included in your portfolio, making it possible to include programs in the (portfolio) reporting cycle.


Organisational Units

The concept of Organisational Units has been introduced in Principal Toolbox 8.0, and this will be of particular interest to larger scale organisations. This will allow you to structure the project information contained in the Principal Toolbox in your own way. For example, you can now catalogue project organisations based on the divisional or geographical structure, or a combination of both.

Organisations now have a personalised approach to the structure of Principal Toolbox and their project information. Each "Organisational Unit" can have its own configuration, which makes it possible to set up such components as local portfolio management. Organisational units offer great benefits in reporting on portfolios, programs and/or projects at unit level, with the added functionality of reporting on multiple units at once (i.e. projects in all countries in Europe).

In addition, rights and roles can be defined per organisational unit and in this way, you can capture which people will have read and/or write access to specific project information. Moreover, resource allocation and time registration are combined per organisational unit. 


Other improvements

Principal Toolbox 8.0 will now include document reporting, making it possible to report on the approval status of multiple documents.

There is now also an easy way to incoporate your Principal Toolbox 'Integration Dashboard' to public websites. This will enable you to display information from the Principal Toolbox in other locations.

In addition, the scenario analysis on the portfolio has been improved. It now contains a calculation option for the optimal project selection on your portfolio. 

Do you want to know more about release 8.0? Please take a look at our release notes on Principal Toolbox 8.0. If you want to know more about the software and what it can bring to your organisation, please contact us for a personal demonstration. 


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