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Connexion Systems Breakfast Seminar

Connexion Systems hosted a free breakfast seminar, offering the opportunity to learn about the newest innovations in our Portfolio and Benefits Management software - Principal Toolbox and Amplify. Latest features including Organisational Units, Integrated Program Management and Business Case Options Analysis were demonstrated. Whilst we at Connexion are continually striving to perfect our software, the real value is realised when used by our customers to support their business improvement initiatives. Guest speaker Peter Shiells from the Sydney Local Health District of NSW Health discussed their journey to improve Sydney LHD's project management maturity. It is a case study in the synchronization of people, processes and technology. A fantastic opportunity to network with peers, technology experts and thought leaders. We thank everyone who attended and made the seminar a valuable experience.  

If you were unfortunate enough to miss out, don't worry... We recorded the seminar and can be viewed here

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