Sydney 31st October, 2012

The Menzies | Sydney 2000

The Benefits Realisation Summit 2012 has now drawn to a close. 100 delegates witnessed presentations from industry thought leaders on the benefits realisation process.

Highlights included:

A workshop on implementing a benefits management process in your organisation
Australian launch of “Managing Benefits” guidance from APMG-International
A panel session discussing “Benefits Estimation – a Black Art”
Launch of the world’s first Enterprise Benefits Management system, Maximiser

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The summit programme, and selected presentations, are available here 

"Thank you and the team for a well organised workshop and conference."

"Great conference, great energy and great subject matter. Let's do it again."

"The Summit was excellent. Well done. [We] are feeling very inspired now as a result."

See you next year! Event dates will be released early 2013.