PMO Symposium-San Diego, California, USA

We are pleased to announce that Matt Williams presented at this years PMO Symposium in California. Matt's presentation focused on: 

Benefits Management in an Agile World PMO16BR27 - Presented by Matt Williams

Agile is arguably the leading IT project development approach in use today. It is also becoming increasingly accepted that agile approaches to project management have potential applicability across all business units in a diverse range of industries.

The traditional view is that the benefits of a project or change initiative are realised after a project is complete; however, agile’s incremental capability delivery approach encourages benefit owners to continuously focus on the value created with each deliverable, relative to the business case that supported the project investment.

The ongoing feedback from benefits-focused stakeholders, when combined with project delivery teams, should permit a range of insightful performance-based lead indicators to be generated.

Learning Objectives:

Audience will learn techniques for visualising the link between project execution and strategic contribution that can be applied to both existing and emerging programs. There will also be a specific focus on incremental benefits realisation techniques, with a focus on the identification of value drivers for benefits and outcomes across a program of work. This allows the work with the greatest value contribution to be identified and executed first.


  1. Benefit and outcome maps – used to determine strategic contribution (not just alignment) to strategy
  2. Identify and track value drivers to focus on the contributors of business value creation
  3. Incremental benefits realisation techniques