PMO Symposium Arizona


PMO Symposium-Phoenix, Arizona, USA

We are pleased to announce that Matt Williams presented at this years PMO Symposium in Arizona. Matt's presentation focused on: 

Benefits-led Portfolio Management: Maximising Capital Investment Returns PMO15BR17 - Presented by Matt Williams

A strategic PMO must ensure that all project investments are aligned with its organisation's goals and objectives. Selecting a balanced portfolio of initiatives that contribute to our organisation's goals requires each initiative to have a realistic, validated business case. The business case should also contain measurable lead indicators of benefits realisation to enable performance measurement both during and post execution.

The presentation explores techniques for maximising the return on portfolio investment to avoid the common pitfalls of value exaggeration, value destruction and value decay.

Learning Objectives:

  1. A Process for aligning project portfolios with organisational strategy.
  2. How to avoid the three common pitfalls in the portfolio management life cycle – value exaggeration, value destruction, value decay.
  3. The use of measurable ‘Lead Indicators’ to support forecasting of benefits realisation performance.