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    Connexion News: ProjectChat 2017 Wrap-up; Amplify R14; PHE Press Release; Deltek Training Schedule; eBook Download; Fortes Change Cloud

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    Connexion News: ProjectChat 2017 Update; Amplify R13; Deltek Training; Case Study

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  • Then a miracle occurs...

    26 Jun 2014 9:22 AM - Matt Williams

    One of the services Connexion provides is to validate the Benefits identified in the Business Case. Our approach is to take the benefits that have been identified, and enter them into Amplify. This includes the benefit measurements, assumptions, and initiative contibutions.

    What we end up with regularly reminds me of the old cartoon on the right:

    That is, we have a benefit map that contains lots of initiatives on the left, and lots of benefits on the right, but no clear path between the two.

    Often, the reason is that the people who produce the Business Case understand the linkage, and assume that all other stakeholders will too. But without a well-defined map with ownership of each item clearly identified, an environment for misunderstandings now exists.

    Having the pathway well defined at the start of the initiative means that all stakeholders, plus all members of the project and change teams, understand the pathway to success and their place within the team. This results in better focus and more clarity.

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